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Monthly Archives: April 2022


Do You Need An Ouachita Parish Lawyer When Charged With A Misdemeanor?

By Whiddon Criminal Defense |

Louisiana law defines a misdemeanor as an offense that is not classified as a felony. Typically, this includes offenses that are punishable by only up to six months in jail. Domestic abuse, driving while intoxicated, and simple assault are just a few offenses that are often considered misdemeanors. It is a common misconception that… Read More »

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What Happens If You Fail A Drug Test?

By Whiddon Criminal Defense |

There are many reasons you may have to take a drug test. Perhaps a potential employer requires you to take one before they will hire you. Or, maybe you are required to take drug tests as part of your probation. Whatever the reason, you may be worried about taking the test, even if you… Read More »

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