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Category Archives: Drug Crime


Three Ways To Beat Drug Trafficking Charges In Monroe

By Whiddon Criminal Defense |

Many people throughout Monroe are arrested for drug possession and they are soon shocked to learn that they are actually being charged with drug trafficking, which is a much more serious charge. In Louisiana, drug possession charges can be escalated to drug trafficking when a person possesses a certain quantity of illegal drugs. Drug… Read More »

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Questions To Ask Law Enforcement During A Drug Search

By Whiddon Criminal Defense |

An arrest occurs every three seconds in the United States, and less serious crimes such as drug offenses and disorderly conduct account for approximately 80 percent of these arrests. Being arrested, or even detained, is a very scary and stressful experience. Before an arrest though, law enforcement may conduct a drug search. If you… Read More »

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Drug Dealing Vs. Drug Trafficking: What Is The Difference?

By Whiddon Criminal Defense |

Drug crimes in Monroe encompass a number of different offenses. When many people think of drug crimes, they often first think of possession. However, there are many drug-related crimes that have their own definitions, and their own associated penalties when a person is convicted of them. Depending on the type of drug offense you… Read More »

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