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Category Archives: Violent Crime


When Does Manslaughter Occur In Louisiana?

By Whiddon Criminal Defense |

The law views taking another person’s life as a very serious matter, regardless of how it happens. Still, some violent crimes that end up killing another person are considered more serious than others. One of these is manslaughter. Manslaughter is not considered as severe as murder, but anyone charged with the crime may still… Read More »

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Common Violent Criminal Offenses In Monroe

By Whiddon Criminal Defense |

Violent crimes in Louisiana are defined as incidents that involve force or the threat of force. Millions of people are charged with violent crimes throughout the country every year, but not all of those individuals are guilty of the act they are charged with. Below, our Monroe violent crime lawyer outlines the most common… Read More »

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What Is Negligent Homicide?

By Whiddon Criminal Defense |

Any type of homicide in Ouachita Parish involves one person killing another, but there are many different types of homicidal crimes in the state. Negligent homicide refers to a crime that involves killing another person through criminal negligence. The term negligent refers to the fact that the defendant did not intend to kill another… Read More »

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