Whiddon Criminal Defense

For expungement matters that may lie outside of your expertise, place your valued clients in the capable hands of Whiddon Criminal Defense.

We specifically and narrowly focus on expungment matters. Whiddon Criminal Defense will provide the personal attention they deserve.

When you refer your clients to Whiddon Criminal Defense:

  • You can rest assured I am an experienced, committed criminal defense attorney and will provide top-quality service.
  • I will keep you fully informed of the case’s progress.
  • I will honor ALL referral agreements.

Trust us to treat your expungement referral with the same care and tenacity as you would!

Our Monroe Office Is Here for You

If you have an expungement matter that is outside your area of expertise or exceeds your available manpower, trust Whiddon Criminal Defense to show the client the utmost respect as we carefully consider the case.

If we feel we can be of service, we will gladly handle your expungement matter. Learn more about our practice areas, and call us if you have any questions.