Northern Louisiana DWI Defense Lawyers Fighting Criminal Charges for Clients Accused of Drunk Driving

If you were arrested for drunk driving in Louisiana, you should contact a criminal defense attorney immediately. This serious criminal charge could result in jail time, driver’s license suspension, and court fines. That being said, a DWI charge is an accusation, not a conviction. You deserve a chance to prove you’re not guilty, and a DWI attorney can help.

When you hire a skilled attorney who is knowledgeable about criminal law, you will have a legal professional on your side to fight for you within the criminal justice system. If you’re ready to talk to an experienced Monroe and Shreveport DWI lawyer, contact Whiddon Criminal Defense for legal assistance on your DWI case.

What Is a DWI in Louisiana?

If you’re facing a DWI charge, you’ve been accused of driving while intoxicated. This means you were operating a vehicle while your blood alcohol content (BAC) was 0.08% or higher, or at least 0.02% if you’re under 21.

Regardless of your BAC during your DWI arrest, you need legal support from a DWI attorney who has handled numerous DWI cases throughout the entire state, from Shreveport to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The DWI attorneys at our Monroe law firm have defended clients from misdemeanor and felony charges over the years. Whether you’re facing DWI, domestic violence, or drug charges, the criminal defense attorneys at our law office will guide you through the legal process.

How Much Jail Time Do You Get for a DWI?

Jail time is possible if you’re convicted of a drunk driving offense. A first offense could result in 10 days to 6 months in jail, plus fines. However, you may be able to avoid or reduce your jail time with 32 hours of community service.

A second offense could result in 30 days to 6 months of jail, fines, and 240 hours of community service. A third offense DWI is a felony resulting in one to five years in prison, fines, and 240 hours of community service. A fourth or subsequent offense DWI is also a felony resulting in 10 to 30 years in prison and 320 hours of community service.

Your DWI lawyer will try to help you avoid jail time, but this is only likely for misdemeanor cases for clients who don’t have criminal records. Of course, if your Shreveport DWI lawyer can prove you’re not guilty, you won’t face legal penalties. Call our law firm for a free consultation with a criminal defense attorney with years of legal experience handling everything from reckless driving to DWI charges.

Will You Lose Your Driver’s License?

Jail isn’t the only penalty for DWI felony and misdemeanor cases. You will also temporarily lose your driving privileges. If it’s your first DUI/DWI offense, you could lose your license for up to 12 months, while a second offense would result in 24 months of license suspension. After the third DWI, you could lose your license for 36 months or longer.

In many cases, your DWI lawyer can help you apply for a hardship license that lets you drive to school or work in the months following the conviction. However, you will likely have to install an ignition interlock device that tests for alcohol on your breath before you drive. Let your DWI attorney know if you’re interested in pursuing this option.

How Can a DWI Lawyer Help?

A skilled DWI lawyer will provide the criminal defense services you need to avoid the harshest penalties for DWI charges. Whether you were pulled over in Bossier City, Baton Rouge, Monroe, or Shreveport, LA, our DUI lawyers are here to assist with your legal issue.

At our law office, our DWI lawyers attended law school and belong to the Louisiana State Bar Association. As such, you can rest assured that you will get legal representation from a quality DWI attorney who is not only well-versed in Louisiana laws regarding DWI but actively invests his time in DWI education. Attorney Keith Whiddon regularly attends DWI training and has even written a book covering DWIs. With his experience and know-how, you can rest easy knowing your case is in expert hands. Call 318-594-3592 to schedule a free consultation with caring DWI lawyers from our law office.