Common Violent Criminal Offenses In Monroe

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Violent crimes in Louisiana are defined as incidents that involve force or the threat of force. Millions of people are charged with violent crimes throughout the country every year, but not all of those individuals are guilty of the act they are charged with. Below, our Monroe violent crime lawyer outlines the most common violent crimes, and how you can beat your charges.


Murder is the most serious crime any person in Monroe could commit. Murder is taking the life of another person and there are many types of charges a person may face. First-degree murder requires premeditation, meaning the person must have formed a plan to kill someone else. Second-degree murder is not premeditated, but the individual did intend to kill another person.

Manslaughter, on the other hand, is the unintentional killing of someone else. The lack of intent associated with a manslaughter charge means it is a lesser crime of third-degree murder. Manslaughter can involve incidents of killing someone in a car accident or a crime that happens in the heat of passion.


Assault occurs when one person attempts to cause bodily harm to another person. Aggravated assault occurs when one person attempts to cause bodily harm to another person while using a dangerous weapon. Aggravated assault is a very serious crime and is considered a felony in Monroe.


Battery is the intentional use of violence or force upon one person to another. Contrary to what many people think, assault and battery are not the same criminal offense. While assault is the threat of bodily harm to another person, battery occurs when another person is actually harmed. Intentionally administering a poison or another noxious liquid or substance is also considered battery in Monroe.


Robbery occurs when one person takes another person’s property using force, or by threatening to use force. In most instances of robbery, the person stealing the property does not have the owner’s consent and they intend to permanently keep the property. A robbery charge is more serious than a theft charge because it involves taking money or property directly off of someone’s person, which is more violent than other types of theft.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault in Louisiana refers to placing another person in fear, causing bodily harm to another person, or making a fraudulent representation that the sexual act serves a professional purpose. Sexual assault is one of the most serious violent crimes a person could commit in Monroe, and throughout Louisiana.

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