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The Atchafalaya Basin Bridge is a known hotspot for speeders and so, lawmakers have proposed a bill to increase the fines for speeding in this area. Regardless of where you are pulled over for speeding, the experience can be a very intimidating one. The officer may issue you an expensive ticket, and that may cause your insurance rates to increase. If you have a previous offense, the situation may be even worse. If you are pulled over for speeding, our Ouachita Parish criminal defense lawyer explains the five things you should know.

Do Not Admit Anything

Often, police officers will say things to you such as, “Do you know you were going 20 miles over the speed limit back there?” This is an attempt to try to get you to admit to speeding. If you admit that you were speeding, you could lose any right you have to fight the ticket and any penalties that go along with it. Say as little as you need to, knowing you can fight the ticket in the near future.

Remain Polite

While you should not say more than is necessary, you also should not be combative or defiant with the officer. This will only work against you and will make you lose any good favor you may have had with the officer.

Do Not Reach for Anything Until Asked

Most people know that if they are pulled over by police, they will have to provide them with their insurance and registration information and their driver’s license. As such, they may start to reach for these items before the officer has even arrived at the window. This is a mistake that could result in tragedy. Do not move in your seat and wait until the officer reaches your window. Then wait until you are asked for the information and tell the officer that you have to reach in your glove box or other area to get it.

Take Note of Everything that Happens

You may be able to fight your ticket but to do so successfully, you will have to have strong evidence. Much of that may rely on your own memory. Take note of everything that happens during the stop, including the offer’s behavior towards you. Write all of this down as soon as possible so your memories do not fade.

Drive Slowly

Remember that you are still in the presence of police as you drive away. Regardless of how rattled the stop made you, drive slowly. Continue driving under the speed limit until you have fought the ticket and your case is over. Of course, driving under the speed limit after that time is just as important. However, if you get another speeding ticket before resolving the first one, it will make your case much more difficult.

Our Criminal Defense Lawyer in Ouachita Parish Can Fight Your Ticket

If you have gotten a traffic ticket, our Ouachita Parish criminal defense lawyer at Whiddon Criminal Defense can help you fight it. Call us today at 318-594-3592 or contact us online to schedule a consultation and to learn more about how we can help.

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