What Charges Cannot Be Expunged In Monroe?

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Being convicted of a criminal offense will have severe repercussions. You may have to serve jail time, pay high fines, and have other sentences levied against you. Unfortunately, the negative impacts of a conviction do not always end there. Once you have a criminal record, you may find it difficult to obtain employment, housing, and other opportunities. The good news is that you may be able to have your record expunged.

Expunging your record will make it as though the conviction never happened. Neither the courts nor the general public will be able to access it. However, not all charges can be expunged in Louisiana. Below, our Monroe expungement lawyer explains more.

Sex Crimes You Cannot Expunge

Generally speaking, any sex crime that involves a victim under the age of 17 cannot be expunged from your record. Other sex offenses you cannot expunge are as follows:

  • Any trafficking of minors for sexual purposes
  • Any aggravated sex offense
  • Solicitation offenses
  • Prostitution offenses, even when they do not involve a minor
  • Any form of indecent behavior that involves a juvenile
  • Any use of a computer that is intended to solicit a minor
  • Molestation of a minor with special needs
  • Rape, whether or not it is classified as aggravated
  • Sexual battery, including sexual battery in the second degree
  • Exposing a person to HIV when they are not aware of the exposure
  • Sexual abuse that involves an animal, if it is a person’s second conviction

Other Crimes You Cannot Expunge

There are many other charges you cannot expunge in Louisiana. These generally include any offense considered a violent crime by the state. The violent crimes, and other offenses, you cannot expunge from your record include:

  • Domestic Abuse Battery and Domestic Abuse Assault
  • Violation of a Protective Order
  • First and second-degree murder, manslaughter, and solicitation for murder
  • Kidnapping, including aggravated kidnapping
  • Arson
  • Armed robbery
  • Drive-by shootings
  • Carjacking
  • Terrorism
  • Aggravated assault or battery
  • Disarming a police officer
  • Human trafficking
  • Home invasion

When Can You Expunge a Criminal Offense from Your Record?

Just because an offense qualifies for expungement does not mean you will automatically receive one. You must first meet several other requirements. One of the main requirements is the time period you must wait before applying for expungement.

You will have to wait at least seven years from the date you were convicted. Unlike in other states, DUIs can be expunged from your record in Monroe, but you can only do this once every ten years. For felony and misdemeanor convictions, you can expunge these offenses once every 15 years. A Monroe expungement lawyer can review the facts of your case and advise on whether you are eligible.

Our Expungement Lawyer in Monroe Can Help You Through the Process

If you have a criminal record you would like expunged, our Monroe expungement lawyer can help you do it. At Whiddon Criminal Defense, our seasoned attorney can determine if you are eligible for expungement and help you navigate the process so you have the best chance of a successful outcome. Call us now at 318-594-3592 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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