What Is Stalking And Are There Defenses Available?

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Stalking is not classified as a violent crime in Ouachita Parish or under federal law. Still, a false accusation for this type of harassment can have a devastating impact on your life. If convicted, you may serve jail time, have to pay high fines, and you may even find yourself ostracized in your personal and professional life. Defending your own reputation, and protecting your future freedom, is crucial when you have been charged with stalking. Below, our Ouachita Parish misdemeanor defense lawyer explains the defenses that may apply in your case.

What is Stalking in Ouachita Parish?

The law in Ouachita Parish defines stalking as the repetitive harassment or following of another individual in an attempt to cause the victim emotional distress. Regularly appearing at places such as the victim’s work, home, or school can be classified as stalking. Additionally, verbal threats or harassment that are also meant to cause another person to feel unsafe or alarmed are also considered a form of stalking.

In situations that involve a minor child under the age of 12 years old, stalking charges can be elevated based on the level of non-consensual contact. These scenarios can include:

  • Following a child or regularly appearing in sight of them
  • Confronting or approaching a child on private property or in a public place
  • Showing up at a child’s residence or a location where they are temporarily residing
  • Entering a property, or refusing to leave a property, that is occupied by a child
  • Contacting a child using electronic communication, a telephone, or the mail
  • Delivering an object or placing an object on the property occupied by a child

Not everyone charged with stalking is guilty. Sometimes victims mistakenly identify their stalker, or they misinterpret language or actions that were not intended to be threatening or harassing. Fortunately, there are defenses to stalking charges that can help those accused retain their freedom.

Defenses to Stalking Charges in Ouachita Parish

Depending on the facts of a case, an Ouachita Parish misdemeanor defense lawyer can approach these charges armed with different strategies that can help accused individuals. Some of the most common defenses to stalking charges are as follows:

  • Proving that the accusations are exaggerated or untrue
  • Showing that the actions of the defendant were for a legitimate and valid reason
  • Challenging the evidence of the prosecution by showing it is unreliable, flawed, or fraudulent

An experienced attorney will determine which defense strategy best applies to your case and will make arguments that will help you beat the charges.

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