If You Or Someone You Know Is In Serious Trouble With The Law, Has Been Arrested, Or Accused Of A Crime, You Need The Best Guidance And The Best Defense.

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Come to the Law Office of Keith Whiddon, located in downtown Monroe.

Once you are here, park at the RiverMarket. We are across the street on the south-side of the building on Wood Street. Look for the green awning.

Once inside, ascend the spiral staircase.

We want you to know that you’re important.

Your circumstances matter, regardless of your race or background.

You will be greeted by our staff and offered a water while you wait for Mr. Whiddon.

We know, firsthand, how the system and justice can be sometimes.

And Keith’ aggressively and without apology’ fights on your side.

We want to hear your story.

Together, we’ll help you get through your situation.

After your case is discussed, Keith will escort you to fill out paperwork with the staff.

When your paperwork is complete, your appointment is as well, and you can leave knowing you have allies.

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The Law office of Keith Whiddon – When you need someone on YOUR side.

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