Practice Areas

  • DWI Defense: You could face license suspension and fines after an arrest for DWI. Let our attorneys defend you from harsh penalties.
  • Criminal Defense: A conviction for a serious crime can lead to years in prison, so call our defense lawyers to fight your charges.
  • Felony Expungement: A felony on your record affects all areas of your life. Contact our expungement lawyers for help getting it removed.
  • Misdemeanor Expungement: If you’re tired of being judged for a past crime, hire our attorneys to expunge your record.
  • Sex Crime Defense: Being accused of rape and other sex crimes can be life-altering. Our lawyers can defend you against these charges.
  • Drug Crime Defense: If you were arrested for drug possession, trafficking, and other drug crimes, a lawyer will argue your case in court.
  • Felony Theft Defense: A theft conviction can result in jail time and fines. Let our lawyers defend you from this serious charge.