How To Successfully Complete Probation In Monroe

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Probation is a very helpful tool for individuals who have been convicted of a crime. Still, probation is a serious life event that will have drastic effects on the way you live your life. People ordered to go through probation sometimes struggle to meet the many requirements that are placed on them. Unfortunately, failing to meet the requirements of probation will have even more of a negative impact on your life. Below, our Monroe criminal defense lawyer outlines how to successfully complete your probation to avoid further trouble.

Know What is Required of You

When you first meet with your probation officer, they will outline the requirements you must meet and the consequences you will face if you do not. Just as with most public workers, though, probation officers are often rushed for time. Make sure that before the meeting is over, you know all the conditions of your probation so you know what is expected of you going forward.

Put Money Aside with Every Paycheck

While on probation you may have to pay certain fees, including court fees and restitution. The court takes these fees very seriously and if you do not pay them, your probation will likely be revoked. To ensure you do not default on these fees, try to save a small portion of every paycheck.

Obtain Permission Before You Travel

If you want to travel out of the state, you will likely have to obtain permission from your probation officer. People who have a good reason to travel typically do not have any trouble getting permission, but the stakes are very high for probationers who do not get approval first. Even a travel stop in another state will result in your probation officer being notified, which will come with very harsh consequences.

Do Not Get Arrested

Getting arrested is a surefire way to have your probation revoked so, it is important that you do not get into trouble with law enforcement. Carefully consider every decision you make and understand the potential consequences. For example, even a seemingly innocent night out with friends can turn into a fight if you or anyone in your group becomes intoxicated.

Do Not Miss Meetings with Your Probation Officer

At first, meeting with your probation officer every month may not seem like an inconvenience. Once many months, or even years have passed though, you may find that these regular meetings are annoying. Still, it is critical that you attend any scheduled meeting. Failing to meet with your probation officer is one of the best ways to have your probation revoked, which could mean being sent to jail.

Our Criminal Defense Lawyer in Monroe Can Help with Your Case

Whether you need help understanding the terms of your probation, or you need a defense that will give you the best chance of obtaining it and avoiding jail, you need legal representation. At Whiddon Criminal Defense, our Monroe criminal defense lawyer can advise on your legal case and answer all of your questions. Call us now at 318-594-3592 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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