Top Reasons To Hire A Monroe Criminal Defense Lawyer Before You Are Charged

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If law enforcement has accused you of a crime but charges have not yet been laid, you may not take the accusations seriously. However, just because charges have not been filed yet does not mean law enforcement is not pursuing the case. A pre-filing investigation may be ongoing to strengthen law enforcement’s case. During this phase, law enforcement is trying to locate more evidence or make sense of any ambiguous or hidden information.

While you continue to live your life relatively worry-free, law enforcement and the prosecution may be building a case against you. Below are several reasons why it is so important to hire a Monroe criminal defense lawyer before charges are officially laid against you.

A Lawyer Can Monitor the Prosecution

Without someone representing your rights and best interests, the prosecutor may file many charges against you, or upgrade original charges to those that are much more serious. A criminal defense lawyer will monitor the prosecution and work with them to make sure you are treated fairly.

A Lawyer Can Speak with Law Enforcement on Your Behalf

Before filing criminal charges against you, law enforcement may contact you and try to get you to make certain statements. They may act as though they are on your side, but they are likely hoping you will say something they can use against you later. When working with a Monroe criminal defense lawyer, they can speak to law enforcement on your side.

A Lawyer will Monitor the Status of Your Case

If your case is in the pre-filing stage, it could take weeks, months, and even possibly years before you officially face charges. A lawyer can communicate with law enforcement and the prosecution and relay any information they receive to you. Working with an attorney is sometimes the only way to ensure you will receive regular updates on the status of your case.

A Lawyer will Clearly Explain the Potential Charges Against You

Even if police have accused you of committing a crime, you may not know the reason for the allegations. A lawyer will review the facts of your case, and obtain information from law enforcement and the prosecution to understand any potential charges you are facing. An attorney will also clearly explain these charges to you so you know what you are up against.

A Lawyer will Build a Strong Defense from the Very Start

You may think your defense begins once charges are officially laid against you, but it actually starts long before that. Once a lawyer understands any possible charges you face, they will start building a strong defense to give you the best chance of having your charges reduced or dismissed.

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