What is Drug Conspiracy and How is it Punished in Louisiana?

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A drug conspiracy is a plan between two or more people to violate drug laws. This could involve planning to buy, manufacture, or traffic a controlled substance with the help of someone else. If you’re caught conspiring to commit a drug crime in Louisiana, you will face a drug conspiracy charge, even if you never completed the plan. That’s because federal law states that conspiring to commit a crime is considered just as serious as actually committing it.

If you’re arrested for this crime, it’s important to hire a lawyer with experience fighting this charge. In the meantime, consider what elements the prosecutor must prove in your case and what penalties you could incur.

What Are Drug Conspiracy Charges?

If you’re accused of drug conspiracy charges, knowing exactly what the prosecutor alleges you did is important. First, if there is proof that you had a plan with someone else to manufacture, distribute, or purchase with the intent to sell drugs, you could be charged with a criminal offense. This is the case even if you never touched the drugs in question. So, even if you planned to provide the funds or transportation for the crime, you will all be charged as a group.

The prosecution team must prove that at least two people agreed to commit a drug offense. They must also prove that every person they charge with this offense knew about the conspiracy and agreed to be part of it.

If you’re facing drug conspiracy charges, you need a lawyer’s help to prove that there was never an agreement, or that you never agreed to be part of it. Otherwise, you could end up with severe penalties upon conviction of this crime.

What Are the Penalties?

The penalties of a drug conspiracy charge depend on the type and quantity of drugs involved, though you can typically expect to spend years in prison if you’re convicted. In general, the maximum penalty for a federal drug conspiracy charge is a $5 million fine and 40 years in prison. But those penalties may increase if there are firearms, injuries, or deaths associated with the crime.

If your drug conspiracy involved 100 kilograms or more of marijuana, you might face 5 to 40 years in prison. You’ll face the same penalty if your drug offense involved 500 grams or more of cocaine, 100 grams or more of heroin, or 5 grams or more of meth.

If there is evidence that you planned to buy, sell, or manufacture much higher quantities of these drugs, you will face additional prison time. For instance, 50 grams of meth or 1 kilogram of heroin can result in a minimum prison sentence of 10 years and a maximum punishment of life in prison. Your Louisiana drug conspiracy defense lawyer will tell you what penalties you’re facing depending on the details of your specific crime.

How Can Criminal Defense Attorneys Help You?

The penalties for drug conspiracy charges are intimidating, but keep in mind that you have a chance to avoid them when you hire a lawyer to defend your rights. An experienced attorney will challenge the existence of a conspiracy, ensuring that the prosecutor must show proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

If it’s clear that a plan exists, the prosecutor will then have to prove you were aware of it and agreed to it. If there is any evidence that you were not aware of the full extent of the plan or that you attempted to withdraw from it, your attorney will use this information to defend you in court.

In most cases, your lawyer will work to prove that you’re not guilty of the crime. When this isn’t possible due to mounting evidence against you, they can negotiate the charges and penalties down for a chance to get less serious consequences.

If you’re interested in fighting the drug conspiracy charges against you, contact our Louisiana law firm for legal assistance. When you hire Keith T. Whiddon, Attorney at Law, LLC for your criminal case, you will have the support of a skilled lawyer who has defended countless clients against serious charges. Call us at 318-594-3592 for your free initial consultation.

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